Who knew extramarital affairs can actually save a marriage? People condemn affairs as an inappropriate act that can destroy the existing mental stability between the couple. However, it’s safe to say that every relationship is different. The romance and passion decrease in every relationship but the want to be loved and appreciated doesn’t. What if the extramarital affair was what your marriage needed? Even if it can hurt the feelings, it can maybe save the marriage. To support this, we bring to you 7 people who shared how their extramarital affair saved their marriage.

1. “ We lost the touch between ourselves and it was just hard. Getting attracted to someone else wasn’t difficult when I wasn’t getting any love at home. It was scary at first but as soon as I came clean to my husband, he stopped talking to me for 3 days and then I told him why I indulged in an affair. He’s been inseparable since then.”

2. “The guy I had an affair with, constantly complimented me and for the first time in ages, I felt confident and happy. I realised I never felt the same back home with my husband. But the vibe just appears, I guess. My husband noticed me staying happy and more energetic and since then, he upped his game as well. I silently broke off the affair and it’s done nothing but good to our relationship. Now my husband compliments me any time in the day (especially in bed!)”

3. “The girl I was secretly seeing became a friend to me. While we had sex, we devoted to each other but when we just sat quietly, we talked about mostly how my marriage was troubling. I spoke about my wife’s troubles and why I wasn’t able to bond with her. The girl made me realise what was lacking in my marriage. At first, I thought our marriage was done for, but later I realised I needed to communicate with my wife more clearly, just like I did with the girl. The familiarness hit me the most when I tried to tell my wife everything. She understood, took her time processing everything but it’s been going good. At least I’m trying every day to communicate with her bit by bit, thus strengthening our relationship.”
4. “I tried all the techniques with my husband that I learnt from the guy in bed. We have been having such passionate, amazing sex because of my experience. If something bad can bring something good, then why not?”

5. “I have never thought deeply about my marriage before. Now when I engage in an extramarital affair, I find myself constantly evaluating our marriage diameters. I compare my personality between the two situations and I hear my conscience pleading guilty. That's when I realise what’s been missing in my marriage and more importantly, what is the marriage between me and my wife.”

6. “Sex has been a long-forgotten affair in my home. Now when I finally decided to have sex with another guy, I’ve honestly never felt happier. Sex is great and it makes me happy. The best part? Now when I go home, I’m always in a happy mood and never keep yapping as I used to before. My sex life with my husband is also surprisingly improving.”

7. “Affairs are temporary. That’s the best part about having one. I know I’ve pledged to be with my partner for life but if things are going wrong and if an affair can make it right, then why not? It’s also my safe space where I can run away from responsibilities for some time. Not everything has to be felt like a reality. Dreams like these can exist too, in the real world.”

These people felt that an extramarital affair was what they needed to reconnect with their husbands emotionally and sexually. Their sex lives took a positive turn after this.

Source: indiatimes.com