Love is beautiful yet complicated. It’s so easy to fall in love because you just can’t stop appreciating your person. However, with time, it becomes a challenge to keep your love as exciting as it was before. People fall out of love all the time. It’s not rare at all. Even more now, people have started admitting that they no longer want to be a part of the relationship. One day you wake up to realise that nothing is ever going to be the same. In the account of this, we bring to you 7 women’s reasons why they fell out of love.

1. “I never felt appreciated anymore. It was like, I felt as if I was staying with a stranger who didn’t realise who I was. I felt non-existent. But to be honest, I refused to acknowledge it at first. But later one day, when I felt I was looking beautiful and radiant, my husband just looked at me, said nothing and went on to do their work. I was sad, but I knew then.”

2. “I suddenly started feeling attracted to other guys other than my husband. The thought seemed so inviting but honestly, it was scary. Not that I cheated or anything, but I enjoyed other guys’ attention. It made me feel popular and beautiful. Something that my husband was failing to do. I no longer love him anymore.” 3. “Me and my husband, we both had amazing sex before. It was exciting as we explored each other in many ways possible. But now, it feels as if we are dragging it out. There’s no excitement nor is there love anymore. It’s harsh but I’ve learnt to accept it.”

4. “I had finally got the job of my dreams, a year back. I honestly never felt happier but the only drawback was I would have to live in another country. My husband opposed it and preferred if I stayed here to take care of the house and my in-laws. I never felt more heartbroken. He didn't even consider accompanying me for sometime. I adjusted to his life, in his home and now when I want something, he didn’t even show an ounce of support. I chose to go after my dream job and I don’t regret it.”

5. “My husband never compliments me nor does he show any effort to make me happy or laugh. I feel like slowly, all my feelings for him decrease day by day and it’s actually involuntary. Where does all the love go?”

6. “My husband isn’t the same knight-in-shining-armour as he was before. Now he only keeps me to himself and doesn’t let me go out with my friends often. It feels as if I’m locked up. He is over-possessive and jealous. Now if he doesn’t trust me with anything, how can I even have the same feelings for him?”

7. “It would feel nice to hear my husband admit his mistake at least once. In every argument or fight we have, he never admits of any wrongdoings and instead, blames it on me. Even after countless conversations and discussions, he hasn’t changed. If he can’t put in the effort to change, then I can’t also stay wit such a person who doesn’t value my opinions. It doesn’t work that way.”