Nigerians can be given all sort of names but there are some unique things about them you just can’t take away.

Below are some unique things about Nigerians you can never take away from them.

1. Accent

Nigerians are proud of their language and it doesn’t matter their status in life or how far they’ve travelled, they’ll always have an accent tugged somewhere. He or she can speak impeccable English but when they get close to each other, they can’t hide their accent anymore.

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Image: iROKO World


2. Pidgin

They managed to make their English pidgin an international language and that’s because they are proud of it. You can hear it in their music, movies and daily activities no matter where you find them around the world.


3. Style Of Dressing

The Nigerian will never substitute his or her traditional style of dressing for anything and they’ve been doing this for ages, watch their parliament and compare it to Ghana’s parliament.


4. Identity

No matter where you find a Nigerian around the world, even if they were born abroad, they will still have a name like, “Kosiso Chukwuma Kaosiweme” neatly tugged somewhere. Ghanaians travel around the world for just weeks and their names change completely from Kuntu to Blankson.

Image: Jovago


5. Food

No matter where they find themselves, they’ll still make sure they eat their food. They don’t mind preparing it themselves if they can’t get it to buy. For them, there’s no substitute for Nigerian food.



6. Marketing Skills

Nigerians are brave, confident and make very good salesmen. Give them anything and they’ll sell for you. Their convincing and persuasive spirit is extremely high.


7. Love For Country

No matter how hard the country is, you dare not speak ill of it, you will be crucified. They’ll never hide from anyone who they are, they’ll make you aware they are coming from Nigeria. Their patriotism runs right out of the roof.

Image: Nigerianeye


8. Music

Nigerians will not switch their music for anything.