Adulting is tough man!

Now, we all have a list of things we hope to accomplish by the time we are hitting 25…and first of all, who even started using age as a measure of achievements? By 30 you should have this and that, by 40 this and that and so on and so forth? SMH that ninja needs a ka-mob justice like this…age should never be used as a measure of milestones that need to be reached; we are all destined for different paths.

I don’t know man, these days you turn 25, you blink and you’re 30. Pap! Just like that! 25 is considered as that on-the-fence stage where you’re supposed to go slow on 21-year-old stuff and start preparing yourself for proper adulting stuff.

At 21, we all hope to have achieved a lot by the time we were 25 right? After all, it seems sooooo far away!

Here are some:

1. Have the job of our dreams.

Wueh…but the way this economy is set up…you just gotta settle for what you find. More so, we hope that we will have a job in the field that we studied for…but lo and behold, our degrees are somewhere collecting dust year after year.


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2. Have a fat ass cheque.

Ehe? How’s that going for you? I’ve slowly come to realize that the 20s are the toil years. If you end up getting a top dollar job in your 20s where you don’t need a side hustle to make ends meet, then consider yourself lucky. Money Gif


3. Drive your dream car.

Perhaps not dream car but at least a toyota…you know? For movement purposes? You only get to realize how that milestone is hard to achieve when you’re nearing your 30s and still saying “Aki I must get a ka-vitz this year”.

Photo: StephenAppiahOfficial/Instagram

Photo: StephenAppiahOfficial/Instagram


4. Move out to your own crib.

This goes back to point number 2. If you have a job that can allow you to pay your bills, then you will most certainly manage to move out to like a one bedroom house, nothing luxe life…it goes in steps; from an SQ, to a one bedroom somewhere in Doni or Uthiru then to Kilee in the near future…baby steps. Unless you’re a certified government thief Waiguru

ningo housing unit

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5. Be seriously dating.

I really admire people who are still with their high school sweethearts. Like how is that possible? One ‘cucumber’ in your entire life? Damn! But that’s not the point…at 25, we think we will have found our future hubby and even gotten that ring on the finger and started scouting around for wedding venues. But the fuck boys will not let us prosper! Pepo!

love birds

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6. Opened a savings account.

At 25, we think that we will manage our money like a skilled banker. But for some of us, the turn up life chose us.


7. Traveled around the world.

The bucket list need to be ticked off huh? LOL wait till you try to get a Dubai visa only to be told by your tour agent that you got denied cause? “possibility of not returning”. #AfricanProblems


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8. Started your masters.

Most of us have goals to study for our masters somewhere in Australia or UK once we hit 25 but once you get attached to the monthly salary of that first job, the study plans are procrastinated like a calculus assignment.

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9. Know how to cook better than Martha Stewart.

Yet here we are, some of us…inching to age 30 and still burning rice.


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