The Chief Executive Officer of McDan Group of Companies, Daniel McKorley, in a Father’s Day message, argued that a man is supposed to take care of the entire finances of the home and is not supposed to share such responsibility with the wife.

But responding to McDan’s assertion in a Facebook post, the opinionated journalist diferred saying the earnings of each party in a marriag belonggs to the couple and not an individual alone.

“McDan is a rich man. If this applies in his marriage, I won't fault him. But I disagree with his position as a prescription for all marriages.

“A man's money is not his money. A woman's money is not her money. A woman's money, like a man's, is for the family.

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman paying bills if she earns enough to support the home. If she earns far more than her husband and wants to take over the payment of bills at home, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that,” Manasseh wrote on his Facebook wall.

In his Father’s Day message posted on Sunday, June 19, 2022, McDan emphasized that “Your wife’s salary is her salary. Don’t come home and fight your wife because she can afford to pay the fees. Even if she’s paying the fees try to take it over, be seen to be very responsible.

"I am very particular about that because a lot of fathers lately are marrying because they want women to pay their bills. Don’t be a man that woman pays their bills,” he added.

But in response, Manasseh using himself as an example, disagreed with McDan’s opinion, saying it should not be shameful for a man to receive financial support from his wife.

“My wife sometimes gives me money when I ran out of cash. She shops for the home. There's nothing shameful about that.

“The notion that paying bills and taking care of the home is the responsibility of the man is outdated,” he argued.

The journalist pointed out that the shaming of men whose wives take care of homes, among other things, breeds unintended consequences and deepens the suppression of women.

“It is the reason, some men would do everything, including sabotaging their wives, to remain in control. If a wife gets a career breakthrough that would require her husband to sacrifice his career, the man should give way if his wife's breakthrough is far more beneficial to the family than both.

“But if that man will be ridiculed by the society because his wife is paying the bills, they won't give up his place.

“There are no strict and fast rules in marriage. What applies to McDan may not apply to me. What applies to me may not apply to you.

“People should choose what works for them. Men whose wives pay bills should not be made to feel inadequate,” he added.