The race for the Abuakwa South Constituency seat is getting interesting by the day as the incumbent Member of Parliament for the area Samuel Atta Kyea has accused the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Parliamentary Candidate Owuraku Amofa of being a ‘political prostitute’.

“He Owuraku Amofa is a ‘two two’ (a term popularly used to described commercial sex workers) politician, was he not in the NDC before defecting to join the NPP, then later going back to the NDC, so he does not have anything to offer the people of Abuakwa South”

The Abuakwa South MP, who was speaking to Bright Kwesi Asempa on Onua Fm morning show, insisted that his main contender in the Wednesday’s election has posed no threat to him since his jump from one political party to another shows the kind of loser he is. Adding that the NDC is going to suffer its worse ever defeat in the Abuakwa South Constituency hence “their attempt to throw all manners of accusations against me but it won’t work, people of Abuakwa South will not vote for ‘two two’ person”

“When that young man was in NPP, I helped him, bought cars for him but he decided to move back to the NDC, for his own interest, only for him to turn now to contest me on the ticket of a party that he run from. The NDC will suffer their worse defeat in this election at Abuakwa South, and Owuraku Amofa will continue to be a loser that he is” Atta Akyea said on Onua Fm.

According to Samuel Atta Akyea who was commenting on accusation from NDC in the constituency that he drove his car into some NDC supporters and injuring 3, said he will not be distracted by any vile accusation which is calculated to derail him, saying those who are seeking his down fall will not succeed.

“I won’t be distracted by a ‘two two’ politician who goes around maligning me and my flag bearer, if he has something good to our people they should show it, I can’t in my right frame of mind drive into people, for what reason, I don’t even drive the car they are saying I drove into the said crowd”

Owuraku Amofa, a former stalwart of the NDC who defected to the NPP in the run-up to the 2008 elections has announced his return to the ruling party in 2014. The Former Deputy Minister of Tourism in the NDC Administration of President Jerry John Rawlings announced his decision before leading NDC figures at Koforidua at the residency of the Eastern Regional Minister.


By Bright Dzakah