Breaking down the ever-confusing, complicated dynamics of any relationship is a tough job. Especially, when we have to apply them to our own relationships. But, an insightful session with actress and activist Pooja Bedi, takes us through a beautiful elucidation of words that clarify what successful relationships, human conflicts and positivity actually are. As people struggle to find the meaning of being a happy soul, Pooja cheerfully answers the most burning yet basic questions we have in our minds. A person who has gone through significant life changes herself, Pooja’s reflections over life are incredibly judicious.

The live session on Instagram started with Pooja answering a vital question such as, what exactly comprises a successful marriage. For some, it is the idea of giving up one’s happiness for other loved ones or clinging each other for all life. A healthy relationship isn’t one where a person stays with their partner forever, but where both of them are equally happy, respectful and supportive of each other’s decisions. Glaring differences and problems can be an easy passage towards a negative and toxic relationship which will benefit none, especially the people in it and those surrounding them as well.

Holding onto a person for another 10 years, just because the sign of success says forever, isn’t a good enough reason to neglect your wants and needs in the relationship. “Retaining a good relationship with your former partner after separation is the definition of success in a relationship,” says Pooja. Treasuring the invaluable bond of friendship after a relationship is over means saving all those wonderful memories you created with your partner.

Relationships experience a quintessential change all the time. Adapting to the tough circumstances is what determines the durability of a relationship. Being exposed to feelings of resentment, negativity, despair are common when exposed to the parameters of a relationship. However, overthrowing all that negativity and emerging as the beaming, radiating personality will eventually validate your existence on Earth. Venturing through our jungle of emotions and accepting the tough times will make us stronger.

Experiences will always reflect our inner strength during tough times

Actor Pooja Bedi shared that the most important relationship that you can have in the entire cosmo is with yourself. Our bonds aren’t only about the necessity of intimacy we want with our partner, or the support we receive and provide in terms of finances or health. It isn’t even about the beauty of physical intimacy like sex we have with our partner. Our bonds will forever be etched onto our heart by the string of love, and most importantly the love you have with yourself. Immediately respect, understanding and trust with the other person swifty follows you behind.

Another important aspect that we often forget to implement on ourselves is the negative perception of relationships that society has fed to us. If we start picking out the positives in the relationship instead of the negatives, we will honestly find ourselves to be much happier. Perceiving your disastrous relationship as a toxic one will only pave the path towards despair and pain. Remembering the good times will definitely give you the push for moving past all the hurt and anguish that the last relationship left you with. Holding onto toxic accusations of hurt, betrayal and affliction will do you no good, rather it will only set you in a negative headspace.

Finding solutions to problems is equally important to recognising pessimistic issues. If problems stand tall as an obstacle in front of you, negate those difficulties by perceiving it in a positive way. Pooja promptly said, “Everything at the end of the day can be perceived as negative or positive. The only person who decides is you.” As wholesome as this sounds, you would be overjoyed to know that it’s true! Only we have the power to decide whether we want the certain matter to affect us gloomily or outshine the negative grievances by a beautiful, radiating smile.