The Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Joseph Ade Coker says the country's economic development has been negatively affected by strikes.

Mr Coker, advising the youth to think "outside the box" by working for 12 hours in a day said most people who don't work the recommended eight hours a day were quick to embark on strike action.

"It's very important, our youth of today should learn to think outside the box and also learn how to work very hard," Mr Coker said on Tuesday in an interview with Radio Gold.

He added, "Nine to five is not enough, nine to nine; 12 hours. Five am and you are out there on the streets working.

"Let's juxtapose ourselves to Europe and see how many Ghanaians don't wake up at four am to go and do cleaning, because I have done that before, cleaning and going to classes. Cleaning and after classes in the afternoon they will go and work in a factory. They do two jobs, but they say there they don't play with their work because they will be fired.

He lamented that Ghanaian workers were too quick to embark on strike action without considering the negative impact it will have on the economy.

"But here, People just get up and they are going on strike. They won't work but they are bgoing on strike.

"This country, I think is one of the countries that we have the highest number of strikes that one can think of and it does not help the economy".