Mr Kwadwo Adu Asare, who lost the deputy General Secretary slot of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) at the just ended National Delegates Congress has threatened to take legal action to contest the results of the party’s deputy General Secretary election.

Mr Adu Asare who contested the position of Deputy General Secretary was misrepresented on the ballot paper as Justice Yeboah.

The former presidential staffer and former Member of Parliament for Adentan constituency in Accra was wrongly introduced on the ballot paper for Deputy General Secretary position at the 9th delegates congress of the NDC as Justice Yeboah.

Even though his picture appeared on the ballot paper, the corresponding name introduced him as Justice Yeboah to the voters.

His polling agent, named Delasi in an interview said despite raising objection over the development to the party Election Committee during the casting of ballot, the committee failed to act on their petition.

“When the voting started, some of our candidates drew our attention to the fact that Adu Asare’s name was not on the ballot paper, we went to enquire and realized that Adu Asare’s name had been changed to Justice Yeboah. He filed for the election with the name Kojo Adu Asare but when they printed the ballot papers we’ve realized that the name is Justice Yeboah. We complained to the Committee handling the election and they said they’ll set to it because it’s an anomaly they’ve also realized. We thought they would have stopped the election for the Deputy General Secretary and rectify that anomaly before whatever they want to do they go on. But they made the election go on, we wrote a petition to them and up till now, we’ve not received any correspondence as to what they are doing about our petition.

“People went there to vote for Kojo Adu Asare only to see Justice Yeboah, this has affected us, we’ve lost the election. We’ve been handed a raw deal, this is not fair. Somebody files with Kojo Adu Asare, you go to print the ballot papers and you put Justice Yeboah there. The notice of poll had Kojo Adu Asare but even as I speak the declaration form that they’ll use to declare the results has Justice Yeboah on it, not only the ballot paper.

“He’s spoken to his lawyers, he’s still doing some consultation  and he would actually make a statement at the right time. Going to court to place an injunction is one of the options, we love the party but the right thing must be done. This pure day light robbery, if it were to be only the ballot paper we’ll say that it was a mistake but even the declaration form has Justice Yeboah written on it.”