The post-resignation utterances of Akua Blakofe are becoming unnerving, Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) has said.

The Danquah Institute founder’s anger follows claims by the resigned Deputy CEO of the Ghana Tourism Ghana Tourism Development Company (GTDC), that she no longer feels safe in Ghana, since her life is under threat for wanting to do the right thing.

Blakofe, who tendered her resignation about two weeks ago, over what she describes as massive corruption at GTDC, warned on her Facebook Wall that should she be found dead all of a sudden, it would be because she told truth to power, and, as a result, has been targeted for elimination.

“We woke up one morning to news that Fennec had been murdered. We woke to news JB Danquah had been murdered. We woke up to news about the young bank worker who was murdered. These are just 3 examples. Till date, no real concrete suspects have been dealt with. We don't know what issues they had. I'm putting all my issues out on social media so if you wake to the news that I've been murdered or dead all of a sudden, you have a clue where to begin investigations. I really don't see why we should get to this level. It means I'm speaking the truth and they need to get rid of me. I weep for Ghana. Truly it's an Asylum,” she said.

This was Mr Otchere-Darko’s response: “These are some of the little things that piss NPP folks right off. You joined the campaign at the very end. You were first seen to be pro-Mahama, but apparently fell out over what exactly we don’t know. The leadership acknowledged your campaign contribution and your value and rewarded you with an appointment to help your country. You resigned on principle and, in fact, won a lot of admiration (from me and many others) for that. But, now it seems like you want to start a whole negative campaign against the government. Who would want to kill you, Madam? Let’s get serious! Frankly, your utterances are getting annoying and making people feel that you have a more sinister motive. I hope not”.