Early this year, our friends in the Security services made certain demands relating to their conditions of service. Part of the demands was a 40% pay rise across board. Starting from February this year, government partly acquiesced to the demand in pay rise by increasing the salary of the military by 40%. For whatever reason, government left out officials of the Police Service.

Since February, officials of the Police Service have been on the neck of government, through the Interior Ministry and the Police Council of which the Vice President is the head, for their 40% pay rise. Government consistently shrugged off their demand to be treated like their colleagues in the military. Crestfallen by the neglect, officials of the Police Service, particularly junior officers, have overtly been threatening to vote out the Akufo Addo-led government.

When news about the general pent up feelings within the Police Service got to the Jubilee House and how they intend to punish government at the polls, government has hurriedly initiated a 'crook' remedial measure to save the situation. Instead of sticking to the 40% pay rise and backdating it to February, government has decided to double their salaries starting from October. This morning, a number of Police officers have confirmed to me that when they went to the bank, their salaries have doubled.

Contrary to the expectations of government that what they have done will spark excitement in the Police Service, the officers are rather seething with rage. The offices are not enthused about government antics of seeking to buy their votes with the double salary gimmicks. Those I spoke with told me they know for a fact that, immediately after the election, in the unlikely event President Akufo Addo wins, he will stop paying the double salary. According to them, what they want is a reflection of the 40% pay increase on their salaries which must be backdated to February.

One of them (name withheld) said even if the President triples their salary, they will prefer the 40% pay rise than the politically engineered gimmick.

Amos Blessing Amorse
Deputy Greater Accra Regional Youth Organizer