SHAMS Writes...

Where does Akufo Addo expect to get money for that Agenda 111 Project?

Listen countrymen and Women, Akufo Addo recently strangulated himself by asking National Service Personnel and Ghanaians to contribute for the building of the so called Cathedral. Meanwhile these people never asked you to build any Cathedral for them. "Gulma"!

You may recall that, Akudo Addo went to *Shama Constituency* in the run up to the 2020 elections and promised to build a District Hospital for them. As we speak, the Heavy Equipments that were placed on the Project Site have been moved away after the December 7th 2020 elections. Deception be what? Herh!

Now, let's try evaluating the lies and other failed propositions of Akufo Addo;

This was a President who promised to build dams under "One Village, One Dam" project. For well over 4 years not a single usable Dam was built. So, he failed!

He promised to set up factories under their hallucinating idea of "One District, One Factory". As we speak, not a single govt-funded factory has been built. That one too he failed potoo!

He promised many other interventions including the Building of 88 District Hospitals across the country but could not execute them, yet he has the guts to say the NPP will win the 2024 elections. Could he be thinking Ghanaians are some kind of Zombies or what?

Interestingly, in all these failed promises, they cited lack of funds as the reason why the projects were not executed?

Even as it has been revealed that Akufo Addo lied to the people, he recently ran to the Ashanti Region and cut sod to symbolize the commencement of the laughable promise of building a 111 Hospitals under their utopian project dubbed "Agenda 111". This guy doesn't respect, I swear!

I thought they said they didn't have money and that why Nurses and Teachers allowances are in 8 months arrears, Free SHS is in comma. So where does he expect to get funding for the execution of that foolish Agenda 111? Is that a compliment of the suspicion that, the Practioners of LGBTQI are the Sponsors of the Agenda 111 peoject?

Ghana sold to the Devil by Akufo Addo. Start praying for Ghana before its too late. Start preparing your thumbs to vote out the dishonest Tyrant, Akufo Addo.

Remember oo, remember that, to be forewarned is to be forearmed. Me, I have said my own. Thank you!

25th August, 2021