The Progressive People’s Party (PPP), has slammed political party commentators and individuals who have suggested that, only the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) and opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) are destined to rule Ghana.

The party’s National Chairman, Nii Allotey Brew Hammond has described such commentaries as pedestrian and anemic.

According to him, the PPP is the party that will break that monopoly and the thinking of individuals that Ghana is a two party state with the NDC and NPP destined to rule this country.

He also chided Dr. Konadu Apraku a former minister of state in the erstwhile Kufour administration reported to have admonished electorates no waste their votes on smaller parties because only the two parties [NDC and NPP] are destined to rule Ghana.

In a statement read on behalf of the party, Nii Allotey Brew Hammond said: ‘’It has been reported that a former minister of state in an NPP administration has called on electorates in the Central Region not to vote for smaller parties because these parties do not stand a chance in a two-horse race election between the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and National Democratic Congress (NDC).

He is quoted to have said: “Only two parties are destined to rule Ghana, the NPP and NDC so the choice you have is for the NPP and NDC." Really? The question we are asking is that has Dr. Kofi Konadu Apraku become another "man of God" ready to prophesy about current and future elections in Ghana?"

He added ‘’Such anemic thinking gives credence to the disappointment many Ghanaians have about the 4th Republic. The "lesser of two evils" syndrome is active and alive in Ghana. The potential to drift into a one-party syndrome is there. And our democratic experience is still in its infancy and the winner-takes-all 1992 Constitution hands all power to the Party in power.

‘’The arrogance of state institutions is clearly evident and is a present danger. Change of the fundamental type is needed including important change to the Constitution to make our democracy something positive all the people can feel. Ghana needs a strong, credible, third force to push for the change we need. That third force is the Progressive People's Party. The December 7th election will prove this.’’

PPP’s Message

The PPP he indicated is the only political party with a message and best policy priorities to transform this country.

The PPP he noted has assembled the best brains to manage this country and has further admonished voters to massively vote for the PPP in the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.

"So far, the PPP has the best policy priorities to present to voters. We have assembled the best men and women who will give the best leadership to Ghanaians from January 2017. We are the party committed to changing the 1992 constitution to empower the people to elect their own DCEs, separate the executive from the legislature and separate the office of Attorney General from that of the Ministry of Justice.

‘’We are the political party focusing on job creation, and determined to make Ghanaian state institutions use the government’s purchasing power to buy from local businesses. 2016 election is about job creation and no candidate has been able to practicalize the job creation agenda. Our candidate, Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom stands tall on the job creation agenda. Our objective as a credible alternative to the duopoly through a vigorous, focused campaign based on track record and what we are offering Ghanaians has been accomplished.

"We are active in the towns and villages. Many of our parliamentary candidates are working hard with the resources they have. Our unwavering commitment to all-inclusive administration using the best people has struck a positive chord with Ghanaians. Some of our opponents who ignored us are now attacking us personally, frustrated, because they cannot break our persistent, principled campaign. We will not go away. The PPP has come to stay and we are gaining ground with our good ideas," he stated.