Romantic love appears to be the theme that pulls hardest at playwright, Anita Oduro, and she returns to it with renewed flourish in her new work titled ‘How Do You Want It?’

Some women get swept off their feet by ‘sweet’ words from suitors while others prefer to commit only after getting to know the pursuer well enough.

Whichever way, there are a variety of routes by which women fall in love and Ms Oduro attempts to explore some of them in ‘How Do You Want It?’

It is the fourth play in two years by the University of Cape Coast graduate.   Her previous ones are ’Perfect Man’, ‘ATM’ and ‘That Night I Found Love.’

The new play which opens at the Efua T Sutherland Drama Studio, University Of Ghana at Legon in a few weeks, is about three friends and their distinct love lives.

Akua doesn’t have the patience waiting around for love. She would go and grab it.  Ohemaa will date any man, even the oldest in the world, if only he has cash to splash. Owusua is a divorcee who likes her men young since physical satisfaction means a lot to her. Somehow, they find their love lives crisscrossing in amazing ways.

“It is a romantic comedy with a vital lesson personal to me and I believe, many others,” says Ms Oduro.

“Don’t assume any man or woman is single and available simply because they express interest in you.”

The play is produced by Anod Communications in partnership with Glitter Edutainment, with sponsorship from Zeno’s Yoghurt.

Source: The Mirror