Hon. Frank Annoh-Dompreh, the Majority Chief Whip and Member of Parliament for Nsawam-Adoagyiri, has urged the Pan African Parliament and the African Union to amend their rules of engagement to ensure that as many topics as possible are discussed during PAP sessions.

Frank Annoh-Dompreh asserted during a recent general meeting of the Pan African Parliament (PAP) that changing the norms of procedure will also guarantee that PAP representatives are accurately representing the African Union (AU).

In order to support his call for a change in the rules of engagement for the benefit of the entire African continent, he claimed that the bureau and the new leadership, led by the President of PAP, have achieved great success for the organization as a result of the numerous reforms it has undertaken in recent years.

According to him, "to ensure that we get maximum participation I want to humbly suggest that we assign speakers by role so that in every role we are going to have the people who will speak by role so when we know that we are done with this role the speaker for this role as identified we are done so that all of us as maximum as possible can participate in this subject matter".

"I proceed at the presumption that our representatives are fully representing the African Union because we want to vent not in vain but we want to vent with an ultimate aim of changing the status quo, we want to vent with the ultimate aim of setting a signal clear not only to the AU but the entire continent that we've come of age and it is time for us to be recognized as such"

"We mustn't oversimplify the matter colleagues, with the greatest of respect referring to budget, the matter at stake is not just about the budget, budget is a microscopic aspect of the entire greater concern that we are talking about".

"Mr. President, the bureau has justified your inclusion and the confidence we imposed on you and we want to appeal to the African Union and all the Agencies of the African Union".

Frank Annoh- Dompreh further spoke on the need for PAP to continue making conscious efforts to reform itself.

"We as an institution are making a conscious effort to reform our past that is why we change our rules of procedure, that is why for a long time the PAP and the PRC were not meeting but through the leadership, our President and the new bureau there is an understanding and cross-fertilization".

Finally, he urged the representatives of the African Union to send to the appropriate quarters the concerns shared by each member of the PAP.