Popular Ghanaian actor, Joseph Van Vicker is not happy about an action taken by Transforming Ghana, a wing of the ruling National Democratic Congress.

Transforming Ghana in an instagram post used the actor’s picture telling the world that he, Van Vicker together with his colleagues Majid Michel and John Dumelo have endorsed the candidature of president John Dramani Mahama. This post on Transforming Ghana’s Instagram page propagating the good works of the ruling government has generated argument among Ghanaians. Whilst many did not believe the endorsement, others applauded the trio for choosing John Dramani Mahama.

Zionfelix.net after seeing the post on Transforming Ghana’s Instagram page investigated to find out that the said picture was taken in 2015 but not for the purpose it has been used for by Transforming Ghana.

Van Vicker after seeing the instagram post has denied ever endorsing the ruling government and its presidential candidate.

The actor born to a Liberian mother and a Dutch father asked the them to delete the instagram post which suggested that he has endorsed the party and render an apology to him for such an act.

Read Van Vicker’s post:


This photo (Lower right)has been lifted from pictures (above) taken when myself, John Dumelo and Majid Michel supported victims of the June 3rd 2015 disaster (check date of IG post-war lower left pic).

The use of my image in connection with the support of NDC is unauthorised and constitutes a breach of my privacy, creates false impression and injures my brand as an acclaimed actor devoid of any political party affiliations.

My political views are private. I do not authorise my image to be used for any form of political capital. Please DO NOT view this photo as my endorsement of the NDC party.

I ask @transformingghana to take this photo down immediately and post a written apology for the unauthorised use of my image. I am obviously taking legal advice about this matter as I view this as a serious breach of my human rights. #vanvicker #vanvickerbrand #ygf”.