The Ashanti regional Police command has arrested the leader of the ruling NPP’s vigilante group- Delta Force- who allegedly attacked the Ashanti regional security liaison officer in his office on Friday.

The 37-year-old mechanic, Kwadwo Bamba, is currently in police custody helping with investigations into the attack, a police statement said.

The statement also noted that names of other members of the vigilante group are known to the Police and are being sort after.

Some well-built members of the ‘Delta Force’ allegedly stormed the Ashanti Regional Coordinating Council on Friday, March 24 to stop Mr George Adjei from performing his duties because they ‘could not work with him since he was from another region’.

According to the group, they are not ready to work with a security coordinator who is from another region other than the Ashanti.

The security officer was appointed by the President for the position.