Most of us have the tendency to blame the other person whenever something goes wrong in a relationship. And when the question of a needy partner arrives, one will blame the other. Every person wants to experience new things and demand time away from a partner. This might make the other person in the relationship feel unwanted and as a result, he or she might behave irrationally demanding more time or attention from the other person. Unfortunately, such behavior goes unnoticed and hence requires self-evaluation to realise who is actually the needy partner in a relationship. Here are a few signs to help a person understand if he or she is the needy partner in the relationship.

You end up making any adjustments to meet your partner’s demand Are you the one who gives undue attention to your partner? No matter what he or she demands, you end up fulfilling it. While it might give the impression that your partner is the needy one, but in reality, you are the one who fits into the category of the needy partner. Because you need the person, you end up doing anything for him or her. You will cancel your plans with your friends or leave an important family function just to be with your partner. So, who is the needy person here? Need to be constantly updated about what is going on in your partner’s life Do you wait for your partner’s text or call every hour? And constantly check the other person’s social media profile to know about the latest updates? If you have this constant longing to know what is going on in your partner’s life, this might be a sign that you are being irrationally demanding and needy. Feel unwanted when your partner meets other friends This is another classic sign of most needy partners that you often feel insecure and restless when you see your partner meet his or her friends. This resentment might arise due to subconscious insecurity about losing your partner to someone else.

Looking for affirmation from your partner

What many people do not know is that demanding people mostly make needy partners. When you want your partner to agree with you on all matters, many might mistake as a sign of a demanding partner. But actually it’s your need to be appreciated by your partner pushes you to hound him or her to take your side every time—even if you are wrong.

These subtle signs might help you understand yourself better and in turn, make a better partner in a relationship.