Ghana’s Christian Atsu has revealed how his Christian faith has kept him grounded despite the temptations that comes with being a modern day Footballer.

Almost everything about the 27 year old has changed since he began his football journey but one constant remains: the Newcastle winger’s Christian faith.

Church was a central part of Atsu’s childhood and worship at Hillsong, a short walk from St James’ Park, binds the Ghana international to his new habitat.

“I’m very happy at Hillsong and very happy in Newcastle,” he says. “Football changed my life completely; sometimes what’s happened seems like a miracle but it’s enabled me to help my community and my family.

“My faith is the most important thing in my life. I know I’m one of the lucky people God has blessed. I’m very lucky and privileged to be in this position. I had nothing and now I’ve got too much so I have to give something back.”