Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi has dropped a death prophecy on veteran gospel musician, Yaw Sarpong.

According to Badu Kobi, the founder and leader of Glorious Wave Church International, the veteran artiste has been marked for death and will die in 2020 if nothing is done about the prophecy.

Badu Kobi made the revelation while speaking in his church.

In the video, Yaw Sarpong was seen speaking in the church and throwing his support for Badu Kobi over some controversial statements he recently made about Asante women and women of other tribes in Ghana.

After throwing his support, Yaw Sarpong performed one of his songs to encourage the controversial 'man of God' not to despair.

Following his performance, Badu Kobi took the microphone to reveal that he had seen a coffin during the performance of Yaw Sarpong that he was going to die by next year.

“When he was standing on the stage singing, you saw him singing but I saw a coffin. I saw him go through this year but as we entered 2020, he began to grow lean and he was rushed to the hospital but Ghanaians heard the news of his demise but I won’t allow it happen.”

Explaining further, the renowned prophet disclosed that apart from seeing the coffin, Yaw Sarpong had turned into a skeleton as well.

“...If you see someone turn into a skeleton in the spiritual realm it means the person is about to die,” he said.

Badu Kobi's whose prophecy came after Yaw Sarpong had left the church asked his junior pastors the gospel singer to visit the church again to be delivered.

Meanwhile, Badu Kobi's wife, Gloria Badu Kobi, has jumped to her husband's defence following heavy criticisms over the 'man of God's' recent comments.

Speaking in an interview amid the backlash, Mrs Badu Kobi has indicated that Ghanaians are attacking her husband because they do not understand him.