The second Deputy Speaker of Parliament who also doubles as the member of Parliament for Nadowli-Kaleo Constituency, Alban Sumana Bagbin says government should be worried about a possible civil revolt in the country instead of fretting about a fake coup plot.

According to him those been accused of trying to stage a coup lack the capacity as he does not see any strong evidence about the alleged coup plot instead he says they should be worried about an eminent civil revolt If political leaders continue to ignore the concerns of the people.

He says citizens are not getting the benefits of the multi party democracy that is been practised and may soon act If the political class do not change their ways.

Commenting on the recent alleged plot to destabilize the country he says the population is quickly losing faith in their leaders and government should be worried of Civil disobedience instead of the hoax of a coup.

"What we are likely to face in the near future as a country is civil revolt or civil disobedience because the people are not getting the benefits of multi party democracy that is likely to happen I don't see any strong evidence to support the claim of government that a group of people were trying to stage a coup" he said.