There are people who enjoy visiting land-based casino establishments and they would argue that online casino sites can’t compare to the live experience.

In all honesty, there are aspects of the gambling experience that cannot be replicated when you playing the internet, but the industry has evolved immensely –to the point where players can tune into live streaming of genuine casino table games with live dealers and participate in real time from the comfort of their homes.

If you have never played online and you believe you aren’t missing anything relevant, we dare say that you might be missing on something. Playing on the web comes with a set of unique advantages that physical casinos lack. Take a look at a list of these advantages below.

Convenience unrestricted by time and place

The primary benefit of gambling online is being able to do it in your pyjamas, any time of the day. People can access an online casino quickly and effortlessly as long as they have a device with an established internet connection. This device can be a PC computer, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone. The level of comfort is through the roof and players also save time and effort by staying home and not having to travel to a specific destination in order to place a bet on their favourite casino game.

Exclusive promotions and bonuses

Marketing and rewarding customer loyalty is a pretty big concept in the world of online casinos. Web casino operators are prepared to shower their customers with all sorts of bonus offers and exclusive promotions in order to make them attached to the site and willing to stay active longer. You will not get free spins on the slot machine at a physical casino or a free bonus to use on any of the tables. This happens at internet casinos all the time.

Internet casinos offer free play

You are not obligated to play for real money as soon as you set foot in an online casino lobby. You are allowed to test-drive the games in demo mode, have some innocent fun and get familiar with the interface before you fund your account and place real money bets.

The game variety is much bigger online

Most land-based venues will offer decent selections of gaming machines and some tables where one can play card games, roulette or dice. You will get the same at an online casino and much more. You are likely to find unique versions of traditional games as well as classic formats and a massive amount of creative and rewarding video slots, not to mention video poker machines, scratch cards and live dealer games - all in one place.