Communication Director for Berekum Chelsea Isaac Amponsah has called for the head of Ghana Premier League Class One referee Maxwell Hanson for a lacklustre officiating in Chelsea's league clash against Aduana Stars at Dormaa.

According to the mouthpiece of the GHPL side, the man-in -the-middle had a terrible game and deserved to be slapped with a punishment accordingly.

"In the match against Aduana Stars at Dormaa, referee Maxwell Hanson did not officiate the game fairly and should have been punished for his bad officiating. I was expecting that he would have been punished by now but is surprising that until now he stays unpunished" Mr Amponsah lamented.

He cited such overlooked bad officiating as one of many reasons football fans and stakeholders draw certain negative conclusions pertaining to officiating in the top flight league.

"These are some of the reasons people conclude that our referees are maliciously influenced as far as officiating is concerned. That might not be the case at certain instances so the appropriate punishments should be meted out to offending officials in order to clarify issues pertaining to officiating." he asserted.

He however stated that the general output of GHPL referees in the past season cannot be collectively measured because each referee will have to be put under a single microscope and assessed match after match. According to the outspoken spokesperson, some referees had  good season while others did not.

"It is not possible to make a general statement on refereeing in the past season. Each referee has to be assessed match after match. Some referees had a good season while others had a challenging season as human as they are" he said.

The Tema-based referee awarded Aduana Stars a controversial penalty in the Brong Ahafo derby from which Aduana goal poacher Yahaya Mohammed converted to snatch the three points on the day.

The decision was unpopular among Chelsea faithfuls with some neutral football fans putting the class one referee under fire for the decision.

By Musah Abelyire/

credit:Akakpo Kakai/Ashh FM