Mr Bernard Mornah “is a curse” to the People’s National Convention (PNC), the party’s Women’s Organiser, Janet Nabla said

Reacting to comments by Mr Mornah, the party’s Chairman, that their multi-time flag bearer, Dr Edward Mahama, who now serves in the Akufo-Addo government as an Ambassador-At-Large, has failed the party and would, therefore, campaign against his future bid to lead the PNC into another election, Mrs Nabla alleged: “Bernard Mornah has sworn to destroy PNC”.

“Ever since Bernard Mornah entered PNC, the fortunes of the party have been dwindling”, she asserted, explaining: “Anytime Bernard Mornah gets a higher position, PNC loses more votes”.

“That is what has been happening. He’s a curse to PNC. Bernard Mornah is a curse”, she insisted.

Mr Mornah, Mrs Nabla claimed, is “always going around misinforming people” about the PNC. “He thinks he is the most intelligent man in Ghana who can go around giving wrong information to people. That is my Chairman. I am shocked that the media, up till now, you don’t know the person that you are dealing with. He’s a liar and he’ll never tell you the truth”.

According to the Women’s Organiser who spoke vehemently in defence of Dr Mahama, Mr Mornah would not have been the Chair of the PNC but for a “confusion” that led his opponents to “boycott” the Congress in protest to Mr Mornah’s presentation of a bounced cheque for his filing fee.

“Do you know that he presented a fake cheque as his nomination fee knowing very well that [in] that bank account, he has never put a pesewa there? So, the day for nominations passed by before the illegal cheque came out. … The cheque was fake. Our people took him to court”, she noted.

“Do you know that he has never removed a penny toward the party? Our party offices, it was the leader of our party who paid for all the offices from one region to the other. Ask Bernard Mornah whether he knows how much the party offices cost. Our national office over here, when the landlord called our Chairman, Mornah, he told him to go and call the leader. Without the leader, PNC would have been gone by now. All what he [Mornah] knows is to go on useless demonstrations and parading on radio stations and television stations to smear the good name of people in the mud but we will not allow him because what he said is not the [position] of the PNC and I’m happy that he made that distinction clearly at your radio station”, she added.

Mrs Nabla also blamed Mr Mornah for the raging leadership crisis in the PNC.

“Yes, there is a leadership crisis and it is all coming from Bernard Mornah because the leader of our party is the flag bearer, Dr Edward Mahama. Our party is different from other political parties. In other political parties, the Chairman is the leader, but in our political party Bernard Mornah is not the leader. The head of PNC is Dr Edward Mahama.

“Ever since we came back from Congress till now, Bernard Mornah has been running around lying to people. He went and lied to the PPP Chairman that he was the leader of the party. I had to meet the Chairman and tell the Chairman that he’s not the leader of our party, he’s the Chairman but not the leader.

“When we went to Congress, Bernard Mornah wanted to be the leader; ask him how many votes he got; he got three votes against the 24 that Dr Edward Mahama got. But he will not tell you guys the truth.

“Dr Edward Mahama is not Mornah’s colleague today or [tomorrow]. He would like to use Dr Edward Mahama’s name to make a name for himself but he’s a small boy, he can’t”, the angry Women’s Organiser said.