Being in love often makes people blind. Most partners see their lover’s qualities only and ignore the bad stuff, which can break the relationship sooner or later.

Who you choose to live with isn’t a simple decision, so you should choose wisely.

But, is there a way of recognizing all the bad stuff about your man? Luckily, there is. If your guy has the following 15 habits, you shouldn’t marry him:

He Doesn’t Trust You

Does your guy check your phone often and doesn’t allow you to hang out with your male friends often? Don’t ignore this habit – over time, it can get worse and you’ll have more restrictions hanging from your neck before you know it. If you’ve never given him a reason to suspect you, it’s because he’s not loyal or he has skeletons in the closet. So, if your guy acts like this, you should definitely not marry him, no matter how romantic the proposal may be.

He Hates Animals

Most people love animals, but some people hate them. If your guy is one of them, you should stay away from him. According to psychologists, not liking animals may be a sign of lack of kindness and empathy. These people are also bad father figures, which means you should never plan to have a family with him.

He Doesn’t Follow Your Agreements

Every relationship has some kind of rules or agreements between the two partners. There can be restrictions for cooking, shopping, washing dishes or having time for each for the weekend – whatever they are, they should be respected. If your man doesn’t like following your agreements, you can bet he’ll let you down. Even after he promises to change, his actions will speak louder than words and that’s a big problem.

He Will Break Promises

If your man breaks promises all the time, it’s clear that he’s not the marrying type. Not keeping promises means not caring for the relationship at all. In this case, he may be only looking for fun and nothing more.

You’re Second to Everything Else in His Life

Life is too short not to enjoy it, so don’t waste your time on a person who doesn’t want to be with you. Relationships are all about mutual effort and hard work. If he doesn’t put some work in, your relationship is doomed to fail.

He Thinks He’s Perfect

Confidence is great unless there’s too much of it. If your guy thinks he’s perfect and believes that only his decisions matter, he doesn’t have a critical mind and will never grow as a person. This will definitely harm your relationship – if he’s always right, that means you’re always wrong. If he’s not able to make compromises and doesn’t want to admit his mistakes, you should dump him as soon as possible.

He Finds Excuses for Everything

Sometimes, things will not go as planned and that’s all right. However, if your guy never makes it to important occasions, you should consider the possibility that he’s not into you. Find a man who loves you and appreciates you for who you are instead of wasting your time with jerks who make excuses all the time.

He Brings Out Old Fights

Arguing in a relationship is normal, but if it happens too often, it might be best to disappear. If your man brings out old fights all the time, he’ll bring too much negativity into your relationship and eventually it’ll break. Don’t waste your time with these men as it’s emotionally crushing.

He Doesn’t Want to Talk to You

No matter what the reason for the argument you’re having is, you should know that you can always talk things through. If your guy refuses to do so and doesn’t want to talk or listen to you, it means he doesn’t care about you. In this case, you need to cut the relationship before it leaves deep scars in your mind.

He’s Always Lying

If your man lies to you often or has cheated on you in the past, he will never stop no matter how much he tries convincing you in the opposite. You can never be too sure of his intentions and some questions will drive you nuts, paving the way for anxiety and depression.

He’s Too Clingy

Your guy should be head over heels into you, but if he’s too clingy and wants to spend all his time with you, it can be a problem. If he sees you as the center of his universe, he may be a bit too obsessive. You need to find a man who has his own ambitions and is independent enough to spend time all by himself. Of course, he should want to spend his free time with you as well.

He Hates His Family

We can’t choose family, so we’re stuck with whatever destiny had in store for us. If your man hates his family, it’s possible that you won’t get along with him somewhere along the way. After all, our parents raised us into the people we are today and should be given credit for it. If he doesn’t appreciate his family, he may be a self-righteous jerk who may end up hurting you.

He’s A Smoker

A man who smokes may sound harmless, but it’s a nasty and addictive behavior which could make him addicted to other things in the future. Not being able to quit means that he has a weak character, and it’s even worse if he doesn’t want to give up cigarettes for you. Smoking is dangerous for both of you. If he doesn’t want to stop smoking, what will happen when you have kids?

He’s Immature

Acting childish may be cute sometimes, but if your guy is immature and blames others for everything that goes wrong, it can be a problem. Being impatient, stubborn or immature during an argument means that he’ll never grow up and it could ultimately lead to the end of your relationship.

He’s Abusive

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t plan your future with a man who’s abusive. This is the absolute worst behavior that exists. If your guy raises a hand on you, you need to walk away immediately. It doesn’t matter if he’ll apologize and promises he’ll never do it again. Trust us – he will. It’s not just about physical abuse – a man who abuses you emotionally should be avoided as well. Leave while you’re still intact both physically and emotionally.

Source: Humanexplore