A UK-based Ghanaian prophet, Eliyahu Boateng, is warning of a demonic orchestration in the country that is likely to trigger violence during the December 7 general elections.

According to him, a revelation he had from God showed “blood-thirsty demons” have surrounded Ghana’s various borders seeking to make entry to trigger violence next week when Ghanaians go to the polls.

Prophet Boateng who is the General Overseer of Truth Way Chapel, told journalists at a news conference Thursday that Ghanaians would have to pray and fast to avert such evil intentions.

“There are enemies at the borders of Ghana; demons have surrounded our borders,” he said, noting, “they’re thirsty for blood” and underscored the need for the country to pray for God’s intervention.

He said per the revelation he had from God, these demonic agents would use one person whose use of “one word” would trigger violence that would cause blood to be shed for the demons. “When they’re thirsty for blood, they always cause war, violence.

So if we don’t pray, they will enter Ghana and the use of one word by someone would cause problem for us,” he advised.

“All I can say is that, there will be confusion in this year’s elections if we don’t pray well. “I urge Ghanaians to unite and pray for Ghana because this is our home. We have nowhere to go,”Prophet Boateng added.

Political unity Prophet Boateng said there was the need for the political leaders to exhibit oneness and unity to champion peace before, during and after the elections in order to safeguard Ghana’s stability and democracy.

The General Overseer urged political leaders to put the interest and future of the country’s generation above their personal interest, saying they have to always strive to leave a legacy for the next generation.

Every president comes to power to do his best, indicating those who govern well get the blessings of God while the others get curses.

According to Prophet Boateng, although God has also revealed to him who would win the presidency, God did not direct him to reveal it to the public but to meet with that candidate.

He said God has asked him to “visit that person, which I will obey” but did not give details. Prophet Boateng downplayed suggestions that his claims are for popularity, saying “it was God who commissioned me to deliver the message to the people of Ghana. That is what God revealed to me”

By 3news.com|Ghana