Findings of the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) and National Security, which exonerate the Managing Director of the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company Limited (BOST), were “at best juvenile and delinquent,” President of policy think tank, IMANI, Franklin Cudjoe, has said.

The security agencies, after a probe said Mr. Alfred Obeng Boateng did no wrong in a transaction involving the sale of some five million litres of contaminated fuel by BOST to private firm, Movenpiina, some of which has been released onto the market.

In a short statement, however, IMANI said “this whole mockery of governance can be made clean again by a singular act of the President – fresh inquiry into the activities of BOST in the last 8 years and all persons liable for fuel fraud be held accountable.

“But we want immediate answers to the present fraud,” the statement said.

“This whole saga is the clearest example yet of bastardisation of our institutions by politicians. How a supposedly competent committee set up by the energy ministry got railroaded and trumped over by the BNI baffles all observers of our democracy. At worse, were the BNI justified to intervene, their conclusions are at best juvenile and delinquent,” Mr. Cudjoe noted.

According to him, his analysis of the whole deal shows that the regulator, the NPA, was “kept in the dark” about the “shady deal,” so its account for the most part unfortunately does not count.

“Close to 300,000 litres of deliberately contaminated fuel had been released onto the market and all relevant authorities in the trade are aware of it.

“That the companies involved have no licenses and mandate to operate in the trade, illegal trade actually,” he observed.

Source: todaygh