Happy new year 2017. The long holiday season is over, and January is here with us. Have you already made your new year travel resolutions , and looking forward to your first trip of the year? Truth is, you don’t have to wait until the year is ripe. These whys and wherefores will inspire you to travel as early as during this first month of 2017, notorious for being not so favorite of many in regards to financial stability, following the December festivities.

A diller, a dollar, a ten o'clock scholar!

Did you know that January can be pretty much the best month to travel? Following the December peak season, airfares become cheaper in January, and the airspace and most roads are quite empty thus safe to travel. By the second week of the month, most accommodation facilities have also lowered their rates in a bid to accommodate as much people as possible. Much is affordable, as much as you saved a dime for it. Do not dilly dally; the earlier, the better.

Deals! Deals! And more deals!
It’s January, and service providers including OTAs understand this. Therefore, most of them offer discounted rates to meet January travelers’ financial needs. Find the best deals , and enjoy your off-peak holiday like never before.

Beautiful weather
Moseying in January can be quite an exciting experience as the weather in most parts of the world (apart from the winter January areas) is exceptionally beautiful. Either heading to the beach or to a simple wild safari, one thing is for sure, the warm January weather especially in Africa is certainly a major reason to take on another early year vacation.

Kids are back to school
If you are a parent and been looking for the opportunity to travel single without taking along the entire family especially the kids, then January should work for you. The children are back to school (most are in boarding schools) from the long holidays and you can finally sigh and pack up your travel bag again; only this time, alone or with your beloved partner.

It’s simple evil joy while your friends and colleagues grapple with hangover from the just ended merry making season. They probably hate January by now, as usual, yet it feels proudly exciting to merry while they wheeze at their drained credit cards. For the wassailer, January means an extension of parties from December. Go out, travel, and make merry; for it is a new year.

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