Some car snatchers have reportedly invaded the Baba Yara Stadium in Kumasi, recent reports indicate.

These criminals are reported to have made the stadium their main spot for stealing unsuspecting people’s cars.

Several people in Kumasi are reported to have lost their vehicles at the stadium during games in recent times.

The unknown thieves usually steal the cars whist the car owners are busily watching games inside the stadium.

The hoodlums usually steal vehicles that are parked around the stadium, especially behind the scoreboard area.

During the Kotoko-Kalera FC game on Sunday, a staff of the Komfo AnokyeTeaching Hospital (KATH) lost his car.

The victim (name withheld), had parked his Kia Spectra car, with registration number AS 1638-11, behind the scoreboard area.

After the contest, the car owner could not locate his Ash coloured vehicle, which had obviously been stolen by the car thieves.

The car owner, amid sobs, appealed to public, especially the police, to assist him to locate the stolen vehicle.

“I parked the car at Asokwa just behind the scoreboard area at 3pm on Sunday and left to watch the Kotoko-Kalera game.

“After the game, the car was nowhere to be found and I am appealing to the public to help me find it”, the car owner appealed.

Meanwhile, residents of Kumasi that spoke to the paper said car stealing and snatching was on the rise in the city.