Early 2008, set out a plan to form a football club. Not just a football club, but a club that will serve humanity, a club that will create the stage for young players to showcase their talents, a club that will produce talents, a club that will be well branded, a club that will be run professionally, a club that will inspire others, etc

In 2009; my brainchild; CHEETAH FOOTBALL CLUB, was established.

Cheetah, Cheetah, as I pictured some 13 years ago is speeding very fast just like the animal Cheetah speed.

THE PREDATORS are very unpredictable.
With the motto “THE IMPOSSIBLE IS POSSIBLE” it’s very exciting seeing my brainchild turning all impossibilities into possibilities.

The club’s successes are basically based on the structures, plans and works we put in place during the formation of the club. Many people, after witnessing our performance in competitive games, our brand presence and hearing of our achievements, etc are amazed as to how a division 2 team that was just formed in January 2009 exhibit such due to our consistency in players produced, our professional outlook, organizational structure among others.

As the President of Cheetah FC, it is my job to keep the club moving forward.
We’ve saigoodbyeye to some great servants since the formation of the club with the transfer of Christian Atsu, Alhassan Wakaso, Joseph Mensah, Joseph Otu, Kwasi Sibo, Emmanuel Toku, Emmanuel Bio, Ernest Ohemeng, Mohammed Iddriss, Mudaseru Salifu, Annan Mensah, etc, but have consistently brought in some exciting players who continue to raise the club’s performance and reputation every season.

With many positives to take from our 13 years of existence, despite our horrible accident in 2010, I am incredibly proud of the way my young team has performed throughout our few of existence. How quickly we have begun to make the club resemble its name, the animal cheetah which is the fastest on earth, Cheetah FC living by its name has become a well-known club not only in Ghana but worldwide.

We are all very much looking forward to the future of the team. We seek to put in place modern infrastructures to serve the aim and objective of the club.

May I take this opportunity to thank you the cheetah supporter and all for your loyal and vocal support during the past years. This is an exciting time for the club and I believe that with your support we can make the future a truly memorable one for Cheetah Football Club.