Interior Minister has tasked a five-member committee to identify the remote causes of the renewed communal violence between Konkombas and Chokosis in Chereponi in Northern region.
Ambrose Dery said the fact-finding committee headed by former IGP Patrick Acheampong has up to February 12, 2019, to submit its report to him.

Inaugurating the committee, he tasked the members to delve into the matters incidental to the conflict and recommend solutions on how to address the conflict.

The setting up of the committee has become necessary following renewed violent clashes among the Konkombas and the Chokosis over a two-acre land.
Reports are that the Konkomba attackers have allegedly burnt down 10 Chokosi villages – Naaduuni, Achima, Tiakasu, Kunkpende, Naaburubu, Kunajiiku, Rabaŋani, Sedorti, Tojinga and Nandiri.

In retaliation, the Chokosi youths have also burnt down five villages – Nachem, Tambungu, Nangbangu and Namor.

The violence and reprisals have gone on for close to a week and have led to the death of some four persons with over 150 homes are believed to have been burnt in the clashes