The Coalition of Chiefs for the Creation of Bono East Region has initiated a process to formulate a sustainable development agenda for the newly created region.

This was revealed by the Executive Secretary of the Coalition, Prof. Ameyaw Akumfi, at the first coordinating committee meeting after the referendum and held at Kintampo.

The Executive Secretary revealed that a forum of technocrats, representatives of various political parties, chiefs from various traditional councils and other major stakeholders will sample credible ideas in the formulation of the agenda.

Prof.  Ameyaw Akumfi, who is also the Board Chairman for the Ghana Infrastructure Investment Fund (GIIF), charged the youth to put more thought into the development agenda.

He urged the youth to exhaust available channels to express ideas about the development agenda since they were the future leaders.

Prof.  Ameyaw Akumfi said the development agenda will mainly focus on general infrastructure development, educational development, health development, agriculture development, and more importantly human resource development in Bono East area.

He urged all residents of the Bono East area to remain united even as they express different views about where the regional capital should be sited.

Prof. Ameyaw Akumfi said the development agenda should fit into the overall national development agenda by the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC).

This development agenda will, therefore, be done with ideas from all political parties, civil societies and several stakeholders within the Bono East area.