Ghana's fight to stave off the deadly coronavirus dead received a big shot in the arm on Monday when China's government donated much-needed health equipment to aid the West African country's desperate effort.

Beijing generously donated over 30,000 Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) - the desperately-needed protective wear health workers need to wear to prevent them from catching the disease - to the Ghana government.

The PPEs have become the globally sought after health equipment after hugely advanced countries like USA, UK, Italy and Spain failed to provide them for their health workers which has now led to the deaths of many doctors and nurses who are attending to the coronavirus patients.

The other medical supplies which was also part of the plane-load of goods donated by the Chinese government includes 3,000 N95 protective face masks for frontline health workers, 10,000 protective face masks and 2,500 disposable overalls.

The Asian giants also gifted Ghana with 800 Infra-red Thermometers to aid the quick test for the virus along with 2,500 medical goggles, 10,000 single-use gloves and 10,000 disposable shoe covers.

"We are very grateful to the People’s Republic of China. As we sit here, I can only say that the systems for health in West Africa are very very fragile," Ghana's health minister, Kwaku Agyemang Manu said when he received the cargo plane that carried the goods to Accra on Monday.

"We haven’t positioned ourselves strong enough to do what China did and we’ll definitely need some support. We never had source for emergency response when the problem started but Government has done a lot to put in protective equipment especially for our health workers working in the frontline.

"As we move ahead, it is becoming more clear that we may need, all of us, to begin to wear some of these things, so this gesture is not something we can underscore as Ghana makes efforts to add all.

The effort from the Chinese government comes as a time that the Ghana government is putting in measures to produce its very own locally manufactured PPEs with five companies selected to manufacture the products to be used in the country's hospitals.

“We are continuing to develop some of these equipment, for protection in-country and soon you’ll see government efforts also coming," he continued.

"By the end of the week, about 5 selected companies will start sewing some of these overalls, protective masks and all that we need we will be able to provide in our country.”

This forms part of efforts to help some 17 West African countries including Ghana help deal with the situation of Coronavirus in their countries.

The Chinese Ambassador to Ghana, H.E. Shi Ting Wang on his part reiterated China's commitment to helping other countries and continents including West Africa, battle the disease considering China has seen a significant drop in figures and casualties as far as the pandemic is concerned.

"Many Chinese companies are also doing their best to support Ghana and other African countries. The Chinese government, for its part, will further strengthen medical cooperation with African countries in a bid to contain this pandemic...As a truthful friend of Africa, we will spare no effort in our support to African countries." he said.

Foreign Minister, Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey and China's Ambassador to Ghana, H.E. Shi Ting Wang, among others were present at the Arriving Ceremony of Chinese Aid to 18 African Countries for the Fight Against COVID-19.