The Ghanaian government and Hatayspor FC are doing little on the search for Christian Astu as the rescue team struggles to save lives in the large area where the destruction in Turkey occurred.

In a press conference this morning, the Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlüt Avuşolu said, "We have received solidarity and support from these African countries, Egypt, South Africa, Senegal, Gunea-Bissau, Sudan, Algeria, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Senegal, Somalia, Burundi, and Gambia."

Nana Sechere, agent of Christian Astu in spite of meeting Hatayspor FC authorities upon his arrival in Turkey last week after the event occurred, all efforts to locate the affected Ghanaian citizen and client player of Hatayspor FC have not been successful.

In an interview with Ghanaian journalists Vince Appiah in London, Nana Sechere stated "It has been 9 days since the earthquake and we still have not located Christian. I am at the quake site in Hatay with Christian’s family. The scenes are unimaginable and our hearts are broken for all the people affected."

"During my time here we have been able to locate Christian Atsu’s exact room location, and we have found two pairs of his shoes."

"Yesterday we received confirmation that thermal imagery was showing signs of up to 5 lives, however, I am told that the only real confirmation of life is through sight, smell and sound, and unfortunately we were not able locate Christian."

"This is a difficult situation and we are extremely grateful to all the Turkish and foreign rescue teams, local civilians and volunteers for their efforts and response in rescuing survivors. However, we urgently need more resources, including a translator, on the ground. Things are moving incredibly slow and as a result of that many rescues are being delayed, and lives are being lost due to the lack of resources available to the workers."

"It is unfortunate that the club is not on the ground with us, side by side, in the search for Christian. Their position and influence, accompanied with their local knowledge would be extremely helpful. We implore the President of the club and mayor of Hatay, Lütfü Savaş to provide additional resources to speed up the rescue efforts as a priority."

There are great mining rescue specialists working for Anglo Gold Ashanti in Ghana and South Africa.

The Ghanain government and the Ghana football Association could come together to assit in hire private rescue specialist to go and operate on the rubble area of the Atsu building rubble site in order to save his life.

Thousands of dollars are always spent by the Ghana government and Ghana FA on preparation for football competitions which doesn't yield any result to trophies for the nation.

Now, will they spend money to hire a private rescue team to save its cherished citizen, Christian Astu, at this critical time, is a question the world is waiting to judge.

By: Vince Appiah, London.