A police officer has surrendered himself after shooting and killing a civilian at an illegal roadblock over bribe.

According to the police report, the fatal shooting occurred after “a misunderstanding arose” when the officer demanded Sh3,000 bribe for charcoal the driver and his boss, Samuel Abuga Osongo, were transporting on Busangi-Esoit road.

“It was reported by Samuel Abuga Osongo, 34, that he was with his driver Jorim Mokua Ogeto, 21, driving on Busangi-Esoit murram road when they were stopped by Wilson Kortom, 40, in civilian clothes who demanded Sh3,000 for the charcoal they were ferrying,” said the police report.

When Ogeto got out of the car to clear the stone barrier, the police officer drew out his pistol and shot him on the chest and immediately fled on his motorcycle.

Osongo told police that they took his injured driver to Kilgoris General Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The assailant surrendered himself thereafter to Esoit Police Station where his pistol with 14 rounds of ammunition was seized.

The incident occurred on Sunday, December 29, 2019.