US based Ghanaian rapper, Showboy has revealed that he plotted an accident to have rapper Medikal killed. 

In a post on Snapchat, Showboy disclosed that he resorted to ‘juju’ to have his plans about Medikal executed, but he later had a change of mind.

Showboy claimed that another musician, Criss Waddle, begged him to have mercy on Medikal, leading to his change of heart.

He revealed that he was behind an accident Medikal had some time ago in which he escaped unhurt.

Showboy added that with Medikal’s escape, he had intentions to cast more spells on him which were going to be “more evil”, but Criss Waddle dissuaded him.

“I nearly killed Medikal and I stop … am telling u the honest truth today … I stopppped .. I stopppped .. I first bought an accident for him .. he nearly died … the rest was gonna be evil,” he wrote on Snapchat. “After he got his first accident, Waddle wrote me and said so u don’t feel sorry . And no matter what mdk is still in the camp , I gotta stop doing him like that .. I felt sorry and realized .. I rather told my people to ova bless him,” Showboy added.

He claimed further that he was fortified spiritually having slept at the cemetery after undergoing some rituals.