Chief Executive of Amen Scientific Herbal Hospital, Sheik Dr. Amin Bonsu, has said that the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) is yet to authorize drugs he claimed cured a Ghanaian returnee from the United Kingdom with the coronavirus infection.

According to him, although samples of the drug has been sent to the FDA, the cost of the drug called 'Amen Chestico Capsules' is “yet to be determined upon approval, assessment and recommendation from the FDA.” he said in an interview with GhanaWeb.

FDA however is yet to respond to our request to verify the claim of assessing and recommending the drug.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, many scientists are seeking different alternative remedies to prevent or treat the COVID-19 infection.

Some of these purported remedies include herbal drugs, teas and even essential oils.

Meanwhile, as Ghana grapples to mitigate measures to prevent and treat COVID-19 infected patients, Chief Executive of Amen Scientific Herbal Hospital, Sheik Dr. Amin Bonsu revealed how he cured a Ghanaian returnee from the United Kingdom from the coronavirus infection.

Speaking in an interview with GhanaWeb on May 13, 2020, Dr Amin Bonsu said he administered a drug known as the ‘Amen Chestico Capsules’ to the returnee who was infected with coronavirus on arrival to Ghana.

“When the initial outbreak of the virus occurred, she quarantined herself upon arrival to Ghana and by the time she reached the 10-12 day of isolation, she started to exhibit all the symptoms of a COVID-19 infection. She started to experience chest pains and difficulty in breathing. She then got a hold of our medicine ‘[Amen Chestico Capsules]’ which was delivered to her by a social distancing measure at her home in East Legon,” he explained.

“She then took the drugs around 12:30am and by 1:20am. When I called her to check up on her, she told me that by the Grace of God, she had been relieved of the chest pains and the cough and all other symptoms of COVID-19 was instantly gone due to the medicine we administered,” Dr Amin Bonsu said.

When asked if an initial COVID-19 testing was done on the patient, Dr. Amin Bonsu said due to the severe nature of the symptoms and pains the patient was in, there was no time to conduct a COVID-19 test on the patient.

“From all indications of the symptoms she was exhibiting plus where she was coming from [United Kingdom] everything showed that after taking the medicine, she was relieved and so she took a test two weeks afterwards which turned out to be negative for COVID-19,” he added.

Dr Amin Bonsu has advised all citizens to adhere to all protocols pertaining to COVID-19 in order to curb the spread of the virus to save human lives.
Source: Ghanaweb