A few days back I saw my ex-partner ‘liking’ and ‘unliking’ my photograph on Facebook within a few seconds.

We had not stayed in touch for over a year now and seeing the mere notification with his name evoked a range of emotions in me.
Without even realising, I went down the memory lane. We were in a serious relationship for over two years and it took him just two minutes to break-up when his parents had found an 'ideal' match for him. I clearly remember how I had literally begged him to tell his parents about us and explain how madly we were in love with each other. I relentlessly tried convincing (and validating myself) him why I was his 'ideal' match and would do anything to fit in his conservative family. For those few days, I was willing to keep my own professional ambitions (his family wanted a housewife and I was a software engineer) and self-respect aside to be with the guy who did not have the guts to just mention my name to his parents.
Yeah, I myself witnessed how love makes you blind.
He got married after 37 days and it took me months to make peace with what had happened in my life. But time heals everything, including a broken heart. I forgave him, though he never apologised, and myself for not completely understanding the person I gave my heart to. That same year, I flourished in my career, made new friends and spent time with people who actually loved me. Now I know how to keep my happiness in my own hands, and firmly believed life had something amazing in store for me.
While I was thinking about my past now, I saw my ex partner's number flashing on my phone screen. I picked up the call and after a few formal greetings, he started ranting about his personal life. According to him, he was not compatible with his wife, he was dealing with a bad manager and finally, how he had made the wrong choice by not marrying me.
"By the way, how are you doing?" he finally asked after cribbing for about 20 minutes.
"I am good. Thanks for asking. Hey, you are married and your wife does not even know about me. I don’t think so we should be talking. It's your life; manage it own your own," I kept the phone down after saying one more word, "Bye!"
I had a smug smile on my face now. I came down to a conclusion that people, like my ex-partner, come back to you only when they realise they have made the wrong decision. When they know they have let go the ‘better’ option and are now repenting it.

I almost slipped into depression seeing him getting married to someone else but somehow, I pulled myself together and made the most of what I had. Interestingly, life is treating me well today. While I have moved on, he is stuck in the past.

Well, I wish he sorts out the issues of his personal life and be happy again, but deep down he also knows it's all karma! You can't chase rainbows at the expense of someone else's happiness and if you do, you might not find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

- By Anonymous

Source: indiatimes.com