The Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition (GACC) has called on the new government to publicly declare their assets as they assume offices.

According to Beauty Emefa Narteh, the executive secretary of the GACC, she expects the president to make do on his promise on the campaign trail to declare his assets and ensure his appointees do same.

“The president has made public statement to that effect and public commitments to that effect that he would declare his assets. And even when you look at the NPP manifesto, asset declaration is in there.

And so, that is why we are calling upon the president to abide by his commitment and the promise that he has made to Ghanaians as someone who has committed to fighting corruption in Ghana”, she told

IMG-20170114-WA0000.jpgplay Beauty Emefa Narteh

During the campaign, the president said he was going to publicly declare his assets in similar fashion as Nigeria’s Buhari who among other things published the amount of money in his bank account.

Although the law mandates public officials to declare their assets to the Auditor General, they are however not mandated to make that declaration public knowledge.

Public officers from the immediate past government are also mandated by law to declare their assets to the Auditor General.