Two new videos of very disturbing happenings, purported to have taken place at the University of Professional Studies (UPSA), have appeared online.

In either instance, as can be seen in the two videos that have been shared on Twitter, two ladies, both holding canes in their hands, are captured whipping two other ladies.

The first video, for instance, shows a physically bigger lady angrily whipping a more diminutive one while asking her, “Where do you know me from?” in the Twi language.

The second video, captured in what appears to be a hostel room, shows the lady holding the cane standing, while the other one – seated on the lower bed of a bunk bed, stretched out her right palm to receive the whips.

She was hit five times, as captured in the video.

It is, however, unclear what the motivations for these actions by these ladies were, but in another tweet by @OneKeys, he showed a video of a car driving into a compound.

According to this account user, the Vice Chancellor of the UPSA, Professor Abednego Feehi Okoe Amartey (believed to have been in that car), had intervened.

“Update on the UPSA issue, the Vice Chancellor just came to pick up the small girl to go meet the other girl at Hostel C… I learnt the bully’s name is Queenstar, she go make busy waa,” the caption on the video said.

See the videos below: