One of the most iconic scenes in the history of Bollywood - Rishi Kapoor meeting Dimple Kapadia for the first time in the film 'Bobby' with hair smeared in maida was inspired from a real-life incident that happened between Nargis and Raj Kapoor. Though it cannot be counted as a perfect moment by usual standards, Raj Kapoor lost his heart to the lady in her imperfect state! Another recent film 'Nappily Ever After', is about a woman who works hard to keep herself perfect for her man. While expecting a proposal, her man finally admits that her perfection is what he cannot handle and does not find her real enough to marry. This left us a bit confused if men really fall for 'perfect' women?

When we start dating, we all want to look our best, hopelessly nearing perfection. But that ‘first-date look’ needs to fade once the reality of a relationship seeps in. Once you are in a relationship, it becomes more about being yourself than being perfect. Even though women think that men find perfection desirable, studies quote a different result. Men love women who are more real and like to let their hair down sometimes. If they see you in a persistent state of perfection, you become unrelatable to them and hence the differences start.
When we interviewed 5 men to know what exactly made them fall for their women, the reality blew our minds away because it was not their perfect body, hair, dress or look. Ladies, brace yourself, you are about to be swept off your feet! I loved her clumsiness Aditya Nath, 25: “It was our first date and while walking up to the reserved table, she lost balance and fell face down. While she was extremely embarrassed, somehow I found the look on her face very cute. She looked like a coy baby girl who looked for comfort and support and that’s what made me fall for her instantly.” She wore pajamas and a sweatshirt to office pajamas
Rishi Raj, 22: “While all the girls come to office in their best outfit and perfect makeup, Raina used to keep it cool and easy. She used to wear pajamas and a sweatshirt to office, and did not bother to do her hair. Her casual dressing was a comfort to my eyes and her informal attitude made her stand out of the lot. I think her ‘bussy’ look made it easier for me to get close to her.

She rarely combed her hair and I love it

Raman Ahuja, 28: “My girlfriend rarely combs her hair and even if she does, she keeps them really casual. Her unruly hair or out-of-the-bed look makes me attracted to her. There is something very sexy about her hair when they are not perfectly done.”

She ordered a double cheese burst instead of a salad


Roshan Kapoor, 25: “Being a Punjabi I love food and I used to find it very difficult to order on dates because girls only prefer salad or soups for lunch or dinner. I met this girl on Tinder and we decided to meet for a Sunday brunch. Winters were still seeping in and the weather was perfect for a romantic brunch. I had reached an hour before and was starving by the time she reached. Looking at her petite figure, I thought she will order something healthy and I will have to compromise on food again but she ordered for a pizza instead. Whoa! I was surprised and overwhelmed at the same time. She did not mind a double cheese burst and it was such a relief.”

When I see her wake up in the morning

messy hair

Ranvijay Singh, 35: “It has been 10 years since I married the love of my life. We have shared many memorable moments in these years but my favourite is when I see her wake up in the morning - her hair in a mess, no makeup. To me, she looks the most beautiful in her night clothes. I think it is her carefree attitude that makes me feel cosy about our relationship.”