Vice President of policy think thank, IMANI Ghana has lashed out at the outgoing Speaker of Parliament, Edward Doe Adjaho, describing him as the ‘worst performing Speaker’ in the country’s history.

Kofi Bentil speaking on GHOne Television on Friday, said past Speakers held the executive to account by forcing them to answer questions, but Doe Adjaho’s extreme partisanship ensured that the minority were prevented from critically assessing government policies.

The Speaker’s job is to help the minority hold the majority to account, but Doe Adjaho actively undermined that, Kofi Bentil added.

“The Speaker was so terrible and indeed proved his critics right. He played the partisan role and ended up doing the NDC’s bidding,” he stressed.

Kofi Bentil said Doe Adjaho superintendent over a parliament that members allegedly took bribes before passing bills and approving loans brought to the House by the executive.

“We heard rumours of MPs receiving bribes before approving loans and pushing for bills to be passed. It was so shameful because he always considered his party first,” he alleged.

“If you compared the past Speakers, including Peter Ala Adjetey, DF Annan and Sekyi-Hughes, one will not be wrong to say he fell short of the standards these people set.

“Doe Adjaho ridiculed himself and the position he occupied as well,” Kofi Bentil stressed.

It was in this direction that he advised the incoming Speaker, Prof. Mike Ocquaye to eschew partisanship and consider the interest of the nation at all times.

Source: asempanews