As top notch medics at the international levels work tirelessly to find a cure for the coronavirus pandemic, Ghanaian Broadcasting and Production firm - Think Media Expert, has advised all African leaders not to rely on foreign countries in finding a cure to treat infected COVID-19 patients in the African continent.

According to the body of media experts, finding a cure for the deadly disease the African way, will not be a difficult task if the leaders will embed their differences and team up towards the fight against the virus.

The firm has started a campaign dubbed "COVID-19 cure, African Must Look Within", to get the attention of all Africans especially our leaders to look within for a cure to mitigate the contagion.

Speaking briefly in an interview, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Think Media, Mr. Raymond Koomson, said "the campaign has commanded loudable attention of millions of Africans from over 31 countries worldwide at the moment".

He said, with legendary Ghanaian afropop musician, Barima Sydney as ambassador, "the campaign has drawn attention of various protocols including some senior government officials at the seat of government in Ghana".

Mr. Koomson disclosed that the has representatives and correspondents across the globe, including Lady Gee of U.S.A (Founder, Lady Gee Foundation) and has also joined hands with Africans in the diaspora to promote unity among them in finding a remedy for the coronavirus.

He said the ultimate goal of the campaign is to protect and secure the health safety of all Africans in the light of the pandemic, raise awareness through different social media platforms, provide community driven solutions and appeal to all African leaders to refuse foreign vaccines.

Mr. Koomson said, as people continue to adhere to the WHO's 'wash your hands with soap under running water' and 'social distancing' practices, "we also believe that Africa is endowed with assorted medicinal plants to combat this virus".

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