It is becoming a trend where married couples are separated for years due to one partner travelling overseas in search of greener pastures.

This, however, causes both partners to live as though they are single since they are separated sometimes for so many years.

This situation is what baffles the founder and leader of Fruit of Christ International Church, Prophet Manfred Acheampong, who has hit hard on partners who push or encourage partners to travel overseas just for their material gains.

According to the prophet, it was totally wrong for married couples to live single lives just because their partners have travelled overseas in search of money.

He said some of these couples backslide due to this because they commit adultery in the absence of their partners. He said such couples have completely lost their salvation.

"You make your partner travel because you want to enjoy money and other material gains. Meanwhile, you engage in sexual immorality. Some men have their wives staying outside the country whiles they engage in sexual promiscuity with other ladies here. Some women also sleep with men just because their husbands are not around. You are not deceiving anybody, If Jesus comes today, you will lose your salvation completely" he averred.

He cautioned married couples who are into that or have thoughts of doing so that, that situation does not help and can only lead one to hell.

He said what God was interested in was for one to live a holy life and not material gains.

"It is the will of God to live a sin-free life ...A life free of immoralities. If you are married, no committing of adultery. If you don't have a wife or husband, no sex until you are married", he posited.

He added: "Those who flee from sin and run away from sexual immoralities prosper".