The Convention People’s Party flagbearer has taken his campaign to the Volta Region, the world bank of the governing National Democratic Congress and has challenged electorate not to vote for last minute roads.

Ivor Kobina Greenstreet believes some development projects are carried out only as a vehicle to win elections.

Speaking on his “Apamfor fofor” campaign the CPP flagbearer said the party is on a journey to build new bridges with electorate across the country and asked them to vote for the CPP.

“We are on a journey,” he told the electorate, a journey based on truth and integrity, he added.

“I am pleading with you, don’t vote for last minute roads. [The] last I came here this road was not like that. All of a sudden somebody has done the roads because there is a reason why he didn’t do the roads,” he said.

Apam fofor which means new covenant is a call by the party to Ghanaians to return the CPP into power with the hope of developing the country.