Insha Allah, Former President John Dramani Mahama will be sworn in on January 7, 2025. After that is done, these are my three key Ministers I will recommend to him as he brings Ghana back to normalcy and gets Ghana working again.

Attorney General: President Mahama should be prepared to hire an Attorney General who is prepared to make history for Ghana and for himself. Nana Addo has broken the COVID-19 laws of Ghana and he should be prepared to take him on.

I just want the lawyers of Nana Addo to explain to Ghanaians why Nana Addo broke his own law but can’t go to jail. Parliament is the right place to impeach Nana Addo but since I don’t see them doing it, the Presidency of JM should make Ghana proud by being the first to jail our former president. That will also serve as a deterrent to our Presidents, which will also help to deepen our democracy.

Interior Minister/IGP: They have done it before and I know they will do it again, that is, as soon as JM is sworn in on January 7, the NPP will start saying Ghana is hard. They will start preparing for unnecessary demonstrations just to make the country ungovernable.

JM should be prepared to hire an Interior Minister and an IGP, who will work together to deal with such distractions. As the security situation is getting worse by the day, people are calling on Nana Addo to hire COP Kofi Boakye to deal with it. Let me tell those people that as good as COP Kofi Boakye is in fighting crime, he cannot function properly under Nana Addo. As your assignment, find out why all the IGPs under Nana Addo have failed.F

FinanceMinister: JM should be prepared to hire a Finance Minister who is also prepared to thoroughly investigate and audit Data Bank. There should be another clean up of the banking sector.

Also, the next Finance Minister should not have the appetite to increase taxes on just anything but to balance the increases amongst development, growth and the plight of the Ghanaian consumer. For example, increasing the taxes on condom and cutlasses didn’t mean anything to the “lover/play boy” and the farmer, but it was a political tool for our opponent and they used it effectively. They will use it again if they are given the opportunity.

I must say here that this write-up was done not in consultation with any NDC member and it is not meant to campaign for or against anyone. I believe after Nana Addo has messed our country up for eight years, we need these three Ministers to get Ghana working again. I will repost this article on December 10, 2024 after NDC victory. That victory is coming again. Insha Allah.

I have not started writing yet.
Mahama beba.
Dr. Lawrence is the Founder of Friends of John Dramani Mahama (North America)