Dreams FC emerged victorious with a 2-1 win over Great Olympics at the Theater of Dreams Park in Dawu.

The match was a tough encounter, with both teams showing determination and resilience. Dreams FC started the game well, with Aziz setting up Ali Huzaif, but his shot was saved by the Great Olympics goalkeeper.

In the opening twenty minutes, Great Olympics struggled to find their rhythm and were unable to string passes together effectively.

Dreams FC took advantage of their dominance and created scoring opportunities, with Simba Sylvester making a blistering run to set up Ali Huzaif, but the connection was missed.

The second half saw an intense battle between both teams, with an eagerness to score early goals. However, both sides remained solid defensively.

In the 53rd minute, Godfred Atuahene scored a brilliant goal to give Dreams FC the lead they had been searching for. Great Olympics fought back and equalized in the 76th minute.

With the game evenly poised, Dreams FC launched an explosive attack in the final minutes. Abubakar's effort was saved and resulted in a corner kick, from which Ali Huzaif headed the ball into the net to secure a 2-1 lead for Dreams FC.

After five minutes of stoppage time, the referee blew the final whistle, signaling the end of the match. Dreams FC celebrated their victory, displaying a five-star second-half performance that led them to the win.

The result boosts Dreams FC's position in the Ghana Premier League standings and showcases their ability to perform under pressure.

Great Olympics, despite their efforts, were unable to secure a positive result in this challenging encounter.