As has been their tradition, Ebo Whyte's Roverman Productions thrilled the audience at the National Theatre with their latest play, Sex Scandal which opened on Saturday, November 24.

The fully-packed National Theatre was filled with laughter as scene after scene from Sex Scandal unfolded.

Multiple award-winning artiste, Holy Boy has it all going for him: talent, good looks, money, a beautiful wife Celine and an anointing like none other.

After winning seven major awards at the Ghana Arts Music and Entertainment Awards night, Holy Boy returns home to his wife, Celine, only to find out that he is the subject of a sex scandal.

This promises not only to ruin his marriage, but also, his promising career.

First, his manager Brodo is angry with him for not acknowledging him at the awards night, Holy Boy has to convince him that it was not deliberate.

Bliss comes to Holy Boy's house and tells Celine that they have a thing going. She actually brings the last award Holy Boy has been looking for saying he owes her $20,000.

Celine is shattered and can't wait to confront her husband. When she eventually confronts him, he claims that Bliss is a back-up singer.

Matters get worse when Bliss sends a video of their love-making to Holy Boy and his wife sees it. Bliss calls and threatens to make the video viral.

Holy Boy eventually confesses sleeping with Bliss and Celine is besides herself with grief as Brodo and his wife April look on with shock.

There is another twist to the story when Celine reveals that Holy boy has infected her with a Sexually Transmitted Disease that can make it impossible for her to conceive. Celine threatens to leave the marriage.

What happens when Bliss returns with the landlord who apparently is her uncle? Does the landlord really know the true character of his niece?

Infact, is Bliss her real name? What about Holy Boy and his wife Celine? What really happens to them eventually? Then there is Holy Boy and his manager Brodo, are they still going to work together?

Sex Scandal, is a good play by all standards interlaced with music as is characteristic of Roverman Productions.

Acting is generally good led by the able Andrew Adote who plays the role of Holy Boy. The set is appropriate and props are also on point.

Sex Scandal continues to show at the National Theatre on December 1 and 2 at 4pm and 8pm each day.