Controversial Ghanaian pastor Kumchacha has stirred the wrath of a cross section of music lovers who support seductive female musician Ebony for criticizing the singer's mode of dressing.  

According to Kumchacha, he has received several threat messages from fans of the music diva with some going as  far as threatening to burn down his church.

According to the Founder and Leader of the Heaven’s Gate Ministries, though his criticisms were in good faith and did not include any personal attacks, some fans of the musician based in Germany have sent him such threatening messages on Facebook.

Speaking in an interview on Kofi TV, he said he has taken the threats seriously and has subsequently made a complaint at a police station he failed to mention.

“I have been a critic of Ebony Reigns and not attacked her or insulted her but just when I criticized her sometime back I started receiving threatening messages from some fans in Germany saying that they will come and burn down my church.

“I asked them what my crime was only for them to tell me that they are planning to burn down my church because I have attacked their celebrity. I have reported the issue to the Police just in case they go ahead with their plans they can be arrested wherever they are” he said.

Prophet Kumchacha wondered why the fans will threaten him when he has no qualms with the singer.

“Why should these useless guys in Germany threaten me when indeed Ebony and I are very good friends. I have no issue with the singer but only thought it wise to criticize her dressing. If that is how fans behave, then pastors who speak their minds will have their churches burnt” he noted.

By Musah Abelyire/