The Managing Director of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), Mr Samuel Boakye-Appiah has said the company is still operating.

Contrary to widely held perception, Mr. Boakye-Appiah explained that ECG has not being sold as it is still in business providing value-added services to its numerous clients.

Addressing journalists in Accra, Mr Boakye-Appiah, said in spite of the lease of its assets to Power Distribution Services (PDS) in a concession agreement spanning a period of twenty years, ECG continues to remain relevant in the power sector.

The ECG boss urged the public to take advantage of its diversified services.

He stated that the ECG still operates as a Bulk Energy Trader and also monitors the performance of PDS.

Additionally, he said ECG is into networking and asset ownership and consultancy services, having turned its training school into a consultancy services provider as spelt out in its new business model.

The new business model of ECG also focuses on utilising the company’s fibre optic backbone to venture into utility telco services.

“We wish to emphasise that neither ECG’s assets nor its liabilities were transferred to Messrs. PDS. ECG has retained all the network assets and is also liable for debts incurred prior to the transfer of its operations to PDS. We must emphasise that ECG has not been sold. ECG has not changed to PDS. ECG is ECG and PDS is PDS. They are two different entities playing different roles in the power sector. ECG will sell energy in bulk to PDS. PDS will, in turn, pay for the energy consumed and make lease payments to ECG for using ECG’s networks”, he noted.

PDS, on the other hand, according to Mr Boakye-Appiah, is responsible for electrical network operations, including regular maintenance, fault repairs, and commercial operations (billing, revenue collection, new services connections and investments, rehabilitation, expansion and network extensions”.

The ECG boss further revealed that PDS Ghana Limited, as the power distributor, will handle and manage on behalf of ECG, all legacy: outstanding issues, revenue collection and unpaid bills prior to the transfer date on 1 March 2019.

“ECG will collect all outstanding monies customers owe to ECG on ECG’s behalf”, Mr Boakye-Appiah emphasised.